Accepted in most U.S. States

• Zip Food Handler is not available in Washington
Learn how to handle food correctly and ensure you are serving quality food
Learn how to handle food correctly and increase the quality of the product.
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Recognize how improperly cooked or stored food can cause illness
Describe how to clean and sanitize dishes, equipment and food preparation areas
Maintain a clean environment for the receiving, preparation and service of food.
Recognize special processes to follow with individuals who have food allergies.
Prevent contamination of food and food contact surfaces with the hands and body
Explain the danger of food contamination from pesticides and cleaning products
Use time and temperature control throughout the food cycle, from receiving, to storing, to preparing, to serving and reheating.
Quality in Food Safety
Learn how to handle food correctly and ensure you are serving quality food.
Kitchen Knowledge
Increase your knowledge in food safety in the kitchen.

Why are food handlers cards important?

Put the customer's health first through cooking food,
preparation and proper use of kitchen tools
80% of the public doesn't realize how important food handlers cards are to the restaurant industry.
Today more than ever the knowledge of how to handle food correctly allows you to take a step forward in the quality of your cooking. In addition, Zip Food Handler will allow you to learn cooking and cleaning techniques that will give your restaurant a boost.

Program Requisites

  • Student must enroll in the course and complete their profile
  • Student must affirm their identity
  • Student must complete the course material on-line
  • Student must complete the on-line assessment with a passing grade of 80% or better
  • Once the student passes the assessment, they will be issued a certificate to download

Curriculum Development

The curriculum has been developed using both video recording and visual course content presented in video style, with audio narration. It is developed and maintained by a lifetime learner and teacher with a BA in education and over 25 years experience in designing and leading business seminars, adult learning training sessions and webcasts using various learning and communication techniques while serving in leadership roles at international software development companies. She has owned and actively operated a beer and wine bar, ordered, received, and prepped food for a private swim and tennis club, and been part of the course and software development team since 2013.

Identity Validation

Individuals must validate their identity when enrolling in the course and taking the exam. If a certificate is issued to an individual and at any time afterwards it becomes evident that the individual named on the certificate is not the individual who took the certificate course and/or the subsequent assessment, the certificate will be declared invalid and all concerned parties will be notified that the certificate has been invalidated.

Certificate Usage

Certificate usage is defined and dictated by partnered health department officials, state or local laws or regulations and/or legislative documents.

Applicants may use their safe food handler certificate to provide proof of satisfactory completion of the Zip Food Handler safety course to their employer and health department.

Zip Food Handler does not maintain that certificate holders are licensed, accredited or registered.

Requesting Duplicate Copies of Certificates

To obtain a duplicate copy of a previously issued certificate, the certificate holder has two options. The first option is available if the certificate holder still has a valid login to If their login is current, the certificate holder can login and reprint a copy of their certificate PDF.

If the certificate holder no longer has an active login, they can send an email to: requesting a replacement certificate PDF. The email must state the exact name of the certificate holder, the date when the certificate was issued, and a current telephone number for the certificate holder. To ensure the identity of the requestor, the email account used when taking the course and establishing their Zip Food Handler account is also required. The support analyst will recover the document and send it via email to the certificate holder within 2 business days of the original request.

A Zip Food Handler Certificate expires 3 years after the date the certificate was issued. Both the issue date and expiration date will be entered on the certificate when issued.

Duplicate copies of Zip Food Handler Certificates may only be requested by the certificate holder to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of program participants. Any employer who wants to ensure that an employee has earned a certificate must request a copy from the employee who in turn may request it from the Zip Food Handler team.